Domestic violence: emergency financial assistance established in December

The amount of this aid will be at least 243 euros, with an average of 600 euros, and will depend on your income and the number of dependent children.

The measure was adopted by Parliament last February. From 1 December, emergency financial assistance from the Family Allowance Funds (CAF) will be made available to enable victims of domestic violence to leave their homes, the Minister of Solidarity confirmed on Monday 20 November. , Aurore Bergé on FranceInter. In 2022, police recorded 244,300 victims of domestic violence and 118 women died at the hands of their spouse.

Ensuring “a real start”

This emergency help should be “on average 600 euros”, with a minimum of 243 euros. The amount, paid in a single payment, will vary based on income and the number of dependent children.

A system that will not stop here, according to the minister: “Obviously it’s not just about economic aid, but also about being accompanied and supported” To be sure “let the departure be a real departure”. Something not very obvious when we know that “ today, on average, a female victim will make seven trips back and forth between the time she wants to leave and the time she actually leaves. “.

Aurore Bergé says that this new measure will change the situation: a woman victim “call your CAF, you go to your CAF, you go to the CAF website and you will have access within three to five days (…) for urgent assistance ».

As told The world, The minister also defended herself from criticism regarding possible difficulties in contacting the service, underlining it“There are agents anyway” in the CAF“who fortunately are competent and efficient”, and that’s there “different ways to contact the CAF”we can or we can “call them”, “go there”, “go on the Internet”.

To move in this direction, Aurore Bergé assured that it will be increased “the number of people in the CAF so that there is also a much more human welcome and because we finally have someone at the end of the queue, someone behind the counter, someone who supports”.

Domestic violence: resources

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, or simply wants to learn more about the topic:

  • 3919 and the government website Let’s stop THE violence
  • Our practical article My boyfriend hit me: how to react, what to do when you are a victim of violence in your relationship?
  • The association Forward and its help chat available on How do we love each other?

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