This method invented by a dermatologist will make you forget everything you knew about contouring

Do you find current contouring methods too strong or unconvincing? Wait until you discover this new tip, validated by science.

THE contouring it is a method for define the shadow and light areas of the face to modify the volume as desired. Reinvented by Mario Dedivanovic (Kim Kardashian’s official makeup artist), this technique divides. If some swear by him, others hate him and criticize him for his lack of naturalness, the side of him that is too marked and too worked on. Fortunately, a dermatologist named Charles Puza studied this method and tried to improve it using the principles of aesthetic medicine.


The contouring method imagined by Charles Puza

More scientific, the method of contouring imagined by Doctor Puza (known on TikTok as Dr. Charles) is very simple. It consists of drawing a diagonal line going from the outer corner of the eye to the corner of the mouth with a modeling stick suited to your skin tone. Secondly, we need to draw another line from the outer corner of the nostril to the tragus (small protrusion from the surface of the auricle). These two lines will allow you to define the area where you will have to apply the contour (small projection from the surface of the auricle). The latter begins at the tragus, meets the intersection of the two main lines before descending towards the corner of the mouth.


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What to do with the first two tracking lines?

These first two lines are just there to allow you to draw the third in the right place. You will then have to delete them once you know the reference points. This maneuver seems a bit tedious but don’t worry, you only have to do it once and you will never have to draw the first two lines again, as you will know the correct position of the line. contouring.

A technique that talks

A makeup method designed by a dermatologist is not commonplace. So, obviously, Dr. Puza’s is starting to make waves. On TikTok alone, the latter has already accumulated more than two million views. And celebrity influencers like Nikkie de Jager, aka @NikkieTutorials, rushed to test it. And you, does this make you want to try?

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