‘They don’t think with their heads’: Emily Ratajkowski criticizes men after kissing Harry Styles

The turbulent private life of Emily Ratajkowski can only be envied. Sometimes it seems that the model herself is confused among her boyfriends. The other day, the model was caught in passionate kisses with the artist Harry Styles, but Emily claimed that she had no relationship and completely criticized the men on social networks.

Insiders are already claiming that Ratajkowski broke off relations with the musician and asked for forgiveness from Harry’s ex, Olivia Wilde.

On social networks, one of the fans asked the star if she likes raising children alone. However, Emily was angry at the question: “I’m sorry to say this, but men think with their genitals. A woman thinks three times whether she is ready to accept a man with two children because she understands that it is a responsibility. A man simply falls in love with your body and admits that you already have children, ”the model wrote.

Emily Ratajkowski (Photo: social networks)

Ratajkowski also stated that she plans to have another child by herself and through IVF when she turns 40. “Raising a child alone is a way to make your life easier,” Emily added.

Emily Ratajkowski with her son Photo: social networks

Recall that in the summer of 2022, Emily Ratajkowski broke up with her husband, Sebastian Beer-McClard. Almost immediately, rumors appeared in the press that the reason for the divorce was the infidelity of the producer. The model went through a breakup for several months, after which they began a fleeting period of romance.

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