What does Robert De Niro’s 24-year-old son look like?

Robert De Niro is a true movie legend. Despite the fact that the actor is 79 years old, he continues to act in films (we are grateful to him for this). However, he rarely appears in public. Fortunately, sometimes the star gets into the lenses of the paparazzi.

Robert De Niro (Photo: A shot from The Intern)

For example, Robert De Niro was recently filmed in New York. The Hollywood actor was accompanied by his 24-year-old son, Elliot, who was married to flight attendant Grace Hightower. They walked around the city and chatted.

Robert De Niro with his son Elliot (Photo: legionmedia.ru)

Recall that in 1999 Robert and Grace Hightower broke up but reunited in 2004. Robert filed for divorce from his ex in 2018, but the divorce proceedings are pending: the ex’s financial and property issues are being resolved. By the way, last summer there were rumors about the new relationship of the actress. It was filmed on a date with Tiffany Chen in Ibiza.

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