BLOODY MARY: ORIGINS Horror film in development by FINAL DESTINATION creator Jeffrey Reddick

BLOODY MARY: ORIGINS Horror film in development by FINAL DESTINATION creator Jeffrey Reddick

The creator of the Final destination franchising, Dr. Jeffrey Reddickis collaborating with the producer Todd Slater for a new horror film project, Bloody Mary: Origins.

The film is described as “a chilling new take on the classic urban legend.” The story is based on the New York Times bestseller Maria: The Evocation Of Mrs. Hillary Monahan.

The story centers on “a group of teenage girls who discover an ancient spell that summons the real Bloody Mary. When the terrifying entity drags one of the girls through the mirror, she becomes trapped in the past and lives out the final days of the real Mary Worth.

“As time runs out, the others must discover a way to save their friend in the past while defeating the terrifying Bloody Mary in the present.”

It’s not a new concept for a horror movie, but maybe it will offer a more interesting story. If it was a well-made movie, with a good story, it would be great. But it seems like one of those low budget horror movies straight to VOD.

Reddick wrote the screenplay with John Stancaripassed away in 2018 after a long battle with cancer. Bloody Mary: Origins It is the first film produced by Stancari and will be dedicated to his memory.

Bishop of Lane Shefter (The Venice Murders) will direct and produce the film.

Slater said in a statement: “The script brings Reddick’s signature blend of suspense, humor and horror to a whole new take on the urban legend my friends and I played as kids.

“Just as ‘Final Destination’ created a film franchise that has been enjoyed for generations, our goal is for ‘Bloody Mary’ to spawn follow-up films with the same impressive longevity.”M

Source: Deadline

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