THE ACOLYTE Showrunner Responds to Bad Reviews: ‘I Think It’s Pretty Predictable’

THE ACOLYTE Showrunner Responds to Bad Reviews: ‘I Think It’s Pretty Predictable’

The Acolyte artistic director Leslye Promontory recently commented on the review bombardment of his new Star Wars show. As you know, the series has a 14% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and continues to be criticized on social media.

When asked about review bombing during an interview with Collider, Headland said, “Oh yeah. Everyone knows what review bombing means. Actually, when the show first came out, my publicist was like, ‘OK, with the review…’ And I was like, ‘Is anyone taking this seriously anymore?'”

It is very clear when review-bombing occurs, and The Acolyte it’s not the first Star Wars project to be hit with it. I remember when The Last Jedi he was targeted, but he didn’t reach the lowest level The Acolyte.

Headland continued, “I get the point, which is that the average visitor would look at the site and say, ‘Oh, the user reviews are really bad. ’”

“But I think, if you’re in the Star Wars fandom, I think you already know what review bombing is. So I guess if you’re totally new to the fandom and thinking about watching the show, it might affect you.

“But I also think my work in the past has been very word-of-mouth anyway, so I don’t know if… I think because behind the scenes we all know what it is, it’s not that it’s not worrying, but I think it’s pretty predictable, I would say.”

The Acolyte is obviously not a Star Wars show for everyone and, although many people hate it, I have met and talked to more and more people who enjoy it.

It was a tough time for me to get through, but I was still able to have some good, civil conversations with other fans about it.

Also, as of this writing, I haven’t had a chance to watch episode 6 yet.

by Joey Fear
Source: Geek Tyrant

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