DEADPOOL AND WOLVERINE director Shawn Levy would like to make a DEADPOOL AND SPIDER-MAN movie

DEADPOOL AND WOLVERINE director Shawn Levy would like to make a DEADPOOL AND SPIDER-MAN movie

While we wait Deadpool and Wolverine to arrive in cinemas, director Shawn Levy is already thinking about the next Marvel films he would like to make!

During an interview with Total filmLevy revealed that he would like to see Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) teams up with Peter Parker (Tom Holland) in a Deadpool and Spider-Man movie, and boy… wouldn’t that be great!

Levy said: “The thing about Deadpool is that I think it makes everything more interesting because of its audacity. But, man, I would definitely like to see Deadpool and Spidey. It’s a movie I would love to make. I feel like Tom Holland it would go around everyone else.”

This would be so damn fun to watch! It looks like this should be Deadpool’s next adventure after Deadpool & Wolverine and Spider-Man 4.

Elsewhere in the interview, producer Wendy Jacobson says she’d like to see Deadpool and She-Hulk villain Titania face off.

She said: “He’s such a heightened and hilarious character and also an actor who can improvise and is sharp and can joke. I can’t imagine being an actress, period, but I can’t imagine having to work alongside someone like him .” Ryan Reynolds, who’s so fast and so smart and so funny all the time – but she could do it.”

There are so many directions for Deadpool to go in and so many different characters that could appear on screen with him. We’ll get a lot of that in Deadpool & Wolverine, but after that, the character’s future is up in the air, and with Deadpool… anything is possible.

Would you like to see Deadpool and Spider-Man team up for a movie? What other characters would you like to see Deadpool team up with after he’s done with Wolverine? But who knows…maybe he’ll never end up with Wolverine.

The fact is, when this movie explodes at the box office, Marvel will continue to pump out Deadpool movies.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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