Alan Cumming Calls Marvel’s X2: X-MEN UNITED His “Gayest Movie”

Alan Cumming Calls Marvel’s X2: X-MEN UNITED His “Gayest Movie”

Tony-winning actor and four-time Emmy nominee Alan Cummingbest known for his role as a broadway host in Cabaretas well as film and television roles in Golden eye, The good wifeAND Schmigadoon!among much more, he talked about his career in a new interview with Entertainment weekly (via deadline).

He reflected on past roles and explained his belief that the Marvel movie X2: X-Men Unite it was the “gayest” film he ever made, which, he says, says a lot:

“I think the X-Men the movie I’m in is the gayest movie I’ve ever made, and that’s me saying it. It has a queer director and a lot of queer actors.

I love that something so mainstream and so in the world of comics is so strange. I think, in a way, these kinds of films really help people understand the queer issue, because you can approach it in an artistic way and everyone is less scared of the concept.

It’s an allegory about strangeness, about people who have these great gifts and really big, powerful things that they have to hide in order to exist. Queer people understand what it’s about.

In a post on his official website, Cumming said he had “never heard of the X-Men” before speaking to the director about playing Nightcrawler, a superhero associated with the X-Men who has the power of teleportation.

“The character is really interesting, the message of the film (tolerance towards others who are different from us) was very relevant and unusual for a Hollywood blockbuster, but the real annoyance was having to spend more than four hours a day with two men that teased my face. Then there were the tail and flying harnesses, the feet, the hands – which made going to the bathroom a group effort, the teeth, the lenses, oh God, don’t get me started.

I’ve never made the correlation between the X-Men and the Queer community before, but it makes perfect sense. It’s an interesting way to look at it and it makes it relatable to another group of people, which is what’s great about these types of stories.

Not many people can outwardly identify with being a superhero, but many of us can find a way to relate to our story or experience in another way.

Happy Pride Month!

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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