Sorcerers meet outlaws in D&D with PANDEMONIUM SPELLSLINGER

Raphael Lamour recently released a new sorcerer subclass for Dungeons & Dragons. Pandemonium spell caster is a third-party subclass that draws inspiration from Western movies to give your sorcerer a touch of an outlaw gunslinger.

A spell caster inside D&D it can do some cool things like gain resistance to most damage types for a turn as a reaction, though you have to wait until a long rest or use a sorcery point to use it again.

You inherited a blood from an ancestor who was on the Pandemonium plane and escaped. Now, your blood magic can manifest the manipulation of chaotic energy hidden by false coldness. Many sorcerers of pandemonious blood harbor an explosive violent madness capable of manifesting through their magic in a split second when needed.

You can buy Pandemonium spell caster from DMs Guild (affiliate link) for whatever price you see fit. That price is definitely worth at least a preview look at.

by Tommy Williams
Source: Geek Tyrant

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