Retro trailer for the 1981 Creature film THE BEING

This week’s retro trailer is for the 1981 creature feature film Beingwhich follows a mutated creature wreaking havoc in a small town in Idaho.

The low budget horror film was directed by Jackie Kongand the story is set in the small, seemingly idyllic town of Pottsville, Idaho, which hides a dark secret.

The local potato fields have been contaminated with toxic waste, leading to the creation of a monstrous creature. This creature, a horrible mutant thirsty for human flesh, begins to terrorize the city, leaving a trail of mutilated bodies in its wake.

As the death toll rises, city authorities, including skeptical police chief Mortimer Lutz, struggle to keep the situation under control and uncover the truth behind the creature’s origin.

The film’s protagonist, detective Mortimer Lutz, teams up with Garson Jones, a government scientist, to investigate the mysterious deaths.

Their investigation leads them to discover the environmental disaster caused by the illegal dumping of nuclear waste, which caused the mutation.

As they race against time to stop the creature, they face resistance from local officials who want to cover up the scandal.

The film stars Martin Landau, Marianne Gordon and Bill Osco. Enjoy the trailer!

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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