GAME OF THRONES star Sophie Turner joins thriller series HAVEN for Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is teaming up with British production company Drama Republic for a thriller series titled portAND game of Thrones star Sophie Turner he is set to star in the project.

Turner will be joined in the series by Salt burner actor Archie MadekweAND Bodies actor Jacob Fortune-Lloyd.

The project is described as a high-octane contemporary series and in the story Turner will play Zara, “an employee at pension fund investment firm Lochmill Capital.

“Zara’s day is turned upside down when a gang of violent thieves barge in and ask her to help them steal billions of pounds from ordinary people’s pensions.”

Madekwe will play Luke, Zara’s best friend, while Fortune-Lloyd will play DCI Rhys, “a detective with a recent relapsed gambling problem who must keep his financial problems at bay as he looks into the crime at Lochmill Capital”.

The series comes from the writer SA Nikiaswhich is best known for the City Blues Quartet mystery novels he wrote under the pseudonym Ray Celestin.

The first three episodes of the series will be directed by I could destroy you director Sam Millerwho will also serve as executive producer.

Vernon Sandershead of television at Amazon MGM Studios, said so port is an “extraordinarily emotional journey” that will provide a “compelling, gripping and entertaining” story for Prime Video subscribers.

Dramatic Republic’It’s Rebecca de Souza AND Greg Brenmann they said they were “blown away” by Nikias’ debut screenplay. “His emotional, funny and roller-coaster scripts have rightly attracted an exceptional cast and a top-notch creative team.”

Source: deadline

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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