It’s not over yet: “Univer” awaits a reboot with the return of “old” characters

TNT announced that the shooting of the next episode of “Univer” has begun. Young”. It is reported that the story will work in a completely new way. The project will not be about former students, but about newcomers who crossed the threshold of an educational institution for the first time.

A frame from the TV series “University”. “new dormitory”

The plot focuses on five first-year students who move into the famous 510th block of the Moscow State University dormitory. Familiar faces will also appear in the series: Kisel (Grigory Kokotkin), who is sponsored by his own university, Vika Bobr (Yulia Frants), Pavel Vladimirovich Zuev (Sergei Pioro), Kuzya (Vitaly Gogunsky), according to the Film Distributor Bulletin.

Yulia Frants and Anna Khilkevich in the series “University”. “new dormitory”

Meanwhile, this week the final episodes of “Univer” will be released on TNT and Premier online platform. 13 Years Later”, Gogunsky’s hero returned for the first time. Former “idiot” student and karateka Eduard Kuzmin got rich on the production of dumplings and decided that he could claim the heart of his former lover Masha (Anna Khilkevich), who is married to Valentin Budeyko (Alexander Martynov) and has two children. kids.

Commenting on the new episodes before, Khilkevich said that the sequel was “very strong, both dramaturgically and in terms of acting.”

It’s not over yet intro: “Univer” awaits a reboot with the return of the “old” characters first seen on The Fashion Vibes.

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