“I am very happy”: Alsou appeared for the first time after filing for divorce

Recently, information appeared that Alsou broke up with her husband Yan Abramov after 18 years of marriage. The relevant record appeared on May 24 in the filing cabinet of the magistrate district of the Presnensky district of Moscow. The spouses themselves have not yet commented on this issue.

Alsou. Photo: social networks

According to the singer’s fans, she does not despair and participates in social events with pleasure. Fans wrote on the social network, “Alsu is very happy to divorce” and “You can divorce your husband, but you can’t break up with your friend easily.”

Let us also remind you that the artist attended Zhanna Martirosyan’s birthday. Before that, I attended a fashion show with the comedian’s wife.

Zhanna shared photos together on her personal blog. “Thanks for the sunglasses, man. The comedian’s wife also said, “I always knew you wanted to take a picture with John Lennon.”

Source: People Talk

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