Meet all-new Rangers in POWER RANGERS INFINITY #1 this August

We’re getting a new team of Power Rangers! Recently, BOOM! Studios has announced a new comic called Power Rangers Infinity which will introduce Ranger fans to an entirely new team.

Power Rangers Infinity The number 1 will be a large number written by Sam Humphries (Green Lanterns) with designs by the team of Brandt & Stein (Crowded). The costumes are something else and if I’m honest I’m more curious than excited for this comic. That said, it has the potential to just be a silly little story that becomes a fan favorite.

Diehard Rangers fangirl Lola somehow finds herself caught up in a wonderful mess of multiversal madness! Lola, along with a ragtag team of off-the-wall Rangers from across the Grid, nicknamed the “Infinity Force”, must band together to take on Poisandra, a mildly dangerous D-list character, who has managed to fight her way through the fragile multiverse .

I’m currently watching Power Rangers Dino Charge and the description of Poisandra as a “mildly dangerous D-list villain” seems painfully accurate. Their awareness of Poisandra’s real strength is what makes me think maybe there’s something here. Speaking about the comic, Humphries said:

Fans are already saying that of all the Power Rangers comics that reference hockey goalies AND Jane Austen, Power Rangers Infinity is the greatest of all time. I am truly honored and absolutely couldn’t have done it without Ted and Ro. Not only is their art hilarious and heartbreaking, but they’ve never once said it shouldn’t be done. Not even once!

Brandt&Stein added:

It was an honor to be asked to contribute to the Power Rangers mythos, but Sam’s story made it a pleasure. A story of triumph and the remnants of abortive teams and more heart than it could reasonably claim? How on earth could we say no to something like that? Now give us that Peggy spin-off!

you can read Power Rangers Infinity #1 on August 21st with pre-orders now open at your local comic book stores or wherever you want to purchase comics.

by Tommy Williams
Source: Geek Tyrant

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