Good night: How does plenty of fruit affect sleep?

It’s no secret that quality sleep is necessary to maintain a person’s mental and physical health. Remember that it is recommended for an adult to sleep 7 to 9 hours a day. How to make it better? Now we will tell you.

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According to scientists from the University of Helsinki, Finland, the National Institute of Health and Welfare and the Turku University of Applied Sciences, eating a lot of fruit has a positive effect on the quality of sleep.

The study found that people with insomnia consumed 37 grams less fruits and vegetables per day compared to people who slept well. And sleepers consumed 73 grams less per day than normal.

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According to scientist Timo Partonen, sleeping less than seven hours or more than nine hours a night is associated with reduced consumption of fruits and vegetables. Generally speaking, people should eat more fruits and vegetables every day to sleep better.

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