93-year-old Clint Eastwood’s daughter announced her pregnancy

The daughter of “Hollywood’s main cowboy” Clint Eastwood is expecting her first child. The girl published a photo on her personal blog, in which she poses with her boyfriend Tanner Koopmans and holds his hand on her belly.

Clint Eastwood. Photo: Legion-media

Morgan, 27, succinctly wrote “Our Baby” in the frame. Dean’s mother was one of the first to congratulate the girl: “My baby is going to have a baby.”

Morgan Eastwood with her boyfriend Tanner Koopmans. Photo: social networks

Netizens did not miss the photo of the actor’s daughter. “Great! Star grandfather will have another grandchild or grandchild,” his followers commented, “Great, amazing parents and the best child in the world.”

Let’s remember that Eastwood has eight children with six women. Morgan was born in the last official marriage of the actor. The couple separated in 2013 after 16 years of marriage. The artist’s wife initiated the divorce process, citing “insurmountable differences” as the reason for her decision.

Source: People Talk

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