The FRIDAY THE 13TH CRYSTAL LAKE series is still in development despite rumors that it is dead

A Friday 13th prequel series titled Crystal Lake has been in development for some time, and it was recently reported by The Insider that A24 has “pulled the plug” on the series, which was due to begin filming this year.

The report states that: “It is unclear whether this is a permanent or temporary decision, as A24 has not commented. Perhaps Peacock will help the industry shed more light on this project, announced in 2022.”

Well, according to Bloody-Disgusting, that report is wrong and the series is still alive and well. They say: “A24 did NOT kill himself Crystal Lake Right now. We have confirmed that the show is still going on, but behind the scenes there is indeed some reorganization of the project.”

That project was written and developed by Bryan Fuller (Hannibal, dead like me, Star Trek: The Discovery) and would also serve as showrunner and executive producer. He’s no longer attached to it, though.

Vittorio Millerwho wrote the original film in the series, will executive produce the show.

He shouted Creator Kevin Williamson he was also asked to write an episode. It was also revealed that the original Friday Final Girl Adriana King will have a recurring role.

The series is set at Peacock and the project has been given a straight-to-series order. Not much is known about the story, all we know is that it will be an “expanded prequel” to the original Friday the 13th franchise.

It was also previously explained: “Fuller pitched four seasons for Crystal Lake. Only one officially ordered so far, although he notes that Peacock would have to pay a pretty hefty penalty if they didn’t order a season 2.

“When asked if he could confirm Pamela’s role in the Crystal Lake series, Fuller replied ‘We’ll honestly cover everything. The series covers the life and times of these two characters “Those two characters are Pamela and Jason.”

Pamela’s backstory involved her being a young pregnant bride living in a trailer in Cadiz, Ohio, with her abusive husband Elias Voorhees.

Pamela believed she could actually hear the thoughts of her unborn child instructing her to commit acts of violence. After suffering a long series of beatings perpetuated by her husband, Pamela listened to his voice inside her telling her to “kill.”

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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