Apple’s iPad Pro “Crush!” Advertising Pisses Off Artists – “The Destruction of the Human Experience”

Apple recently announced its new iPad Pro and released a commercial for it, which is pissing off a lot of artists.

Honestly, I have no idea what Apple was thinking when they released this. It’s crazy that they thought this ad was a good idea.

The commercial shows an industrial printing press literally crushing a TV, musical instruments, art supplies, a video game cabinet, cameras, books and more before turning it all into the iPad.

The announcement was shared by Apple CEO Tim Cook, who said: “Imagine all the things it will be used to create.”

The announcement sparked outrage online, and Hugh Grant captured all the thoughts in a post shared on X, saying: “The destruction of the human experience. Courtesy of Silicon Valley.

I’ve been an Apple fan since I was a child. I grew up using Apple technology and they’ve always been pretty smart with advertising. But this… this was a huge brain fart.

You can check out the announcement below along with some of the things other people are saying online. Let us know what you think of the announcement!

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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