A solid perfume? This famous French brand has dared and we tell you why it is rather well thought out

Did you say “solid perfume”? If the lay people of beauty – including me – were certainly hallucinated when reading this oxymoronic expression, many cosmetic brands with consolidated popularity already offer their product. Roger et Gallet, Lush, Yves Rocher: on social media the version proposed by the latest appeals to the most beauty addicts.

THE solid perfume It has existed since the dawn of time: its history dates back to ancient Egypt, where it was obtained from animal fat, beeswax or even amber. A beauty product whose “technology” has been around for a long time, but which is now being talked about again thanks to some Gen Z content creators.

Among these we find Carla, alias @carlacrsc on TikTok, who did not hesitate to declare his love for the product in a video which today has almost 22,000 likes, 3,300 registrations, 300 comments and 1,100 shares. Her favorite solid perfume? That of Yves Rocher. It is available in four different fragrances: “On the Land”, “Night skin”, “Full sun” OR “Sale Azzurra”. Enough to olfactorily transport us to the magnificent landscapes of our sweet France.


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A solid scent that lasts a long time

Beauty experts are unanimous on this topic: combining a hydrating cream or balm with your favorite scent helps it last all day. Many of them have shared this tip with their subscribers in videos dedicated to the topic. So, first apply hydrating conditioner on them impulse points, then spray their fragrance on the affected areas. They choose to use the repairing conditioner Aquaphor of the brand Eucerin with their scent, but any odorless moisturizer does the job perfectly.


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The explanation is simple: according to dermatologists the perfume lasts longer on well-hydrated skin. That’s why the fixation is better on oily skin. The moisture also helps to set it well on the skin. But if the suggestion is extremely well thought out, why bother with this D-system when you can buy a product directly designed to combine the best of both worlds? This is where Yves Rocher solid perfume comes in: it is already in the form of a scented balm.

An easy to carry balm format

Obviously it can be combined with the corresponding perfume spray to intensify the smell! In this sense, large houses such as Guerlain or Dior also offer a lotion version of their fragrances which, combined with the corresponding liquid perfume, allows the perfume to last longer. But their texture is more liquid and the format is much less practical to carry with you than solid perfume.

Available as a stick or balm in a small iron box, the solid perfume is therefore devilishly practical to take with you; it must be admitted, much more transportable than mini versions of perfumes in spray (20 to 30 ml), bottle or roll-on. Furthermore, we eliminate the risk of it penetrating the bag and damaging the objects present, since it is not liquid.

Its price? 17.90 euros. A figure that may seem insignificant for some, prohibitive for others. Well, it is true that the choice of fragrances is much more limited than liquid perfumes. But they can very well complete our fragrance collection by bringing their touch of practicality and eco-responsibility.

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