Trailer for the R-Rated horror version of THE LITTLE MERMAID

By Hans Christian Andersen The little Mermaid is the next classic fairy tale to get the twisted horror movie treatment, and the trailer has been released.

This new version of The little Mermaid comes from Grindstone Entertainment Group and the film is rated “R” for “Language, some violence and brief nudity.”

As you’ll see, this is unlike any version of The little Mermaid you’ve seen it before and it doesn’t look good.

In the movie “Dr. Eric Prince, an archaeologist, makes a dramatic discovery on a small Caribbean island, evidence of the existence of an ancient and advanced prehistoric society.

“While his excavations are underway, he meets the mysterious and beautiful Aurora Bey and falls in love with her. Her arrival coincides with several mermaid sightings and strange disappearances.”

“When Eric’s friend and mentor, Dr. Ashley, arrives on the island, Ashley discovers Aurora’s true identity and the dangers of evil hidden within Eric’s dig site.

“Will Eric follow his friend’s advice, or will he be blinded by the mermaid’s love and power, allowing the world to fall to the forces of evil?”

The film comes from the director Leigh Scottand becomes the protagonist Lydia Elena, Mike MarkoffAND Jeff Denton.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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