Intrigue revealed: Lerchek hid her husband’s face in the family photo

Now Valeria and Artem Chekalin are in divorce proceedings. Bloggers will have to divide their property. The entrepreneur had previously filed a lawsuit against his wife Lerchek in the amount of 1.2 billion rubles. One can only guess how deeply offended the businesswoman was by the behavior of her once loved one.

Artem and Valeria Chekalin. Photo: social networks

Lerchek posted in his microblog a photo from vacation with three children and a man, whose face he covered with a smiling face. It turned out that the blogger had already published this photo, but Artem’s face was not “hidden” in this photo. Chekalina wrote in the frame “Good morning!” Wrote.

Let’s remember that Artem and Lera got married in 2012. The couple has three children: twins Bogdan and Alisa and a son Lev.

In early March, rumors about the couple’s possible separation were circulating on the Internet. On March 19, it was learned that Lerchek filed for divorce, whose hearing was scheduled for March 26, but the spouses did not appear. On April 16, the magistrate postponed the divorce case until June 11 to give the parties time to reconcile.

Source: People Talk

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