Fashion editor’s diary: Bella Hadid’s new brand launch in Irina Shayk’s Marc Jacobs campaign and other fashion news of the week

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Hello to all fashion lovers! Your fashion editor is here. There are so many trends and brands in my world that I decided to keep an online journal where I’ll take notes on the most important things in the industry. And although such diaries are often called personal, mine is open to all readers – so you will be aware of the most interesting things.

Although the first working week of May was very short, there was no less news than usual in the fashion world. On the contrary, there is even more news flow. Stars are preparing in full swing for the Costume Institute Meta Gala, Zendaya continues to delight fans with new looks as part of the Contenders press tour, and brands are releasing new campaigns. A few days ago we saw Irina Shayk in the shooting of Marc Jacobs. And yes, she’s only wearing panties. Meanwhile, Bella Hadid is teasing her beauty brand Orabella. The model has already released her first advertising campaign in which she also stars. By the way, the photographer was Elizaveta Porodina.

There were really many interesting events this week, so I suggest you take a short digital journey with me into the latest news from the world of fashion and learn a little more about our domestic brands, advertising campaigns and collections. Shall we begin?

If you don’t know what to do this weekend, we have an idea that all fashionistas will definitely appreciate. Last week, the GATE31 brand opened an area that was given premier status. Its 260 square meter flagship store is located in Metropolis. It continues the story of the new concept’s first store on Bolshaya Dmitrovka in Moscow. Airports, flights, travel; a timeless aesthetic that is organically integrated into the brand’s DNA and forms the basis of both the stores’ architectural solutions and GATE31’s design developments.

The interior features collectible furniture: airplane seats upholstered in boucle fabric, shelves shaped like airplane wings, storage areas shaped like baggage claim belts, and screens shaped like portholes. All details are monochromatic, smooth and rounded, close to the natural lines of natural objects. In general, it is an ideal place not only for shopping but also for content on social networks.

Finally, the Russian brand TEVI presented a new initiative at the intersection of art and fashion, where each product combines elegance with an intellectual approach. The main theme of the event was sculpture. The brand’s designer, Elena Panyushkina, explored the new geometry of everyday images, inspired by fragments of cult works from the brand’s favorite era of modernism. The new collection includes round-sleeved jackets, capes and vests with clean lines, and dresses with graphic cuts and architectural details. Everything is a reflection of the theme of famous works by Constantin Brancusi, Isamu Noguchi, Richard Serra, Barbara Hepworth, Alexander Calder and other legendary sculptors.

Almost every day, the The Fashion Vibes fashion department tells you about new Russian brands with big ambitions. Today we invite you to get acquainted with the KAMA jewelry brand, whose origins are in the folk traditions of various historical periods. Meanwhile, the brand name is inspired by three cultures that combine their meanings and values. KAMA, the symbol of eternal movement and search, the connection between past, present and future, takes its origin from the Kama River, on the banks of which its founder Evgenia Chernyshova was born. This is a brand that tells about the connection between wild nature, ancient cultures of the eastern and northern peoples of Russia and Asia, and modern civilization. And the main task of KAMA is to restore to the modern girl the feeling of connection with her land and blood.

The brand’s first collection, called “Red Thread,” was released on April 15 and featured bracelets, rings, and threads made from Japanese beads, Indian and Afghan jade, and handmade yak bone beads. And the red thread, the main element of the first series of jewelry, symbolizes the connection with higher powers, which helps to keep the course in the world of chaos that is raging around.

Every self-respecting metropolitan fashionista knows the BLCV brand, and almost every it-girl dreams of its jeans with red accents. Recently, the list of coveted brand products has been expanded due to BLCV’s collaboration with Alexander Rogov. The base was an oversized silhouette and top quality “marble” denim. The result: two pairs of distressed jeans, one pair of distressed jeans, and an oversized denim jacket worthy of a street style story. All products are designed as unisex and are completed with embroidery on the back pocket and two logos: BLCV and Rogov. BLCV’s signature seam edges are painted white this time.

Russian brands never enjoy new collections and new campaigns. For example, recently the UNIiZE team presented an absolutely remarkable spring drop. Denim products have become a highlight. The fabric goes through a long production cycle, is heat treated and produced in small quantities. Denim products are presented both in classic shades of black, blue and light blue, and in a less familiar palette (green and pink). In addition to denim, the collection also includes a suit group that turns out to be comfortable this time, with the loose cut of the classic jacket and combination with palazzo trousers.

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