The directors of CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLIDER reflect on the making of the film 10 years later

Captain America: The Winter Soldier celebrated its 10th anniversary last month. It’s pretty crazy that it’s been ten years since that movie was released, and it’s still one of the best movies Marvel Studios has produced.

The film was directed by Joe AND Antonio Russowhich he continued to direct Avengers: Infinity War AND Avengers: Endgame. They recently talked about their free time The Winter Soldier during an interview with Games Radar.

Anthony said: “It makes me feel really old! It was honestly a thrill. I mean, the whole period was so immersive and thrilling for us. We basically entered the MCU with that movie and came out seven years later with End of the game.”

He added: “The whole journey was like a rollercoaster that more and more people kept joining. We started working with Marvel in 2012 and End of the game released in 2019. I mean, when you think about it’s only been seven years, that’s a lot to put together: four films in seven years.

As their productions have gotten bigger with Marvel, one thing they want to point out is that it has always felt like a family, just a big family!

Anthony continued, “Family is very important to us. We grew up in a big Italian family and have always seen our films and our work as an extension of our family. If you’re going to spend time away from those that you love, you want it to be with other people you love.

He continued: “The thing that strikes me the most is how long our relationships lasted after those films: our creative collaborators, our actor friends, everyone we worked with, we still spend a lot of time with them, they’re very close to them and share many memories with them.”

As you’ve seen, the filmmakers continue to cast the actors they worked with in those films.

Joe went on to talk about what they always try to accomplish with the films they make and how they aim to have their films be “in dialogue with the audience”, adding “that’s how we’ve always approached it and you can see this in different ways through our work.”

Anthony elaborated on this quote: “We like active audiences because we grew up as movie fans and pop culture fans in general. We love how fandoms can customize the storytelling and creative process you can bring as a fan.

He continued, “Being able to sit in those movie theaters, for Avengers: Endgame, and feel the volume and the energy, and just that intensity of audience reaction inside a movie theater, I don’t think Joe I had never experienced that level of intensity before in a theater. And it was special.”

These guys did something special with the Marvel movies they made and Marvel is still trying and struggling to tap into that creative energy they left behind.

Kevin Feige recently spoke Captain America: Brave New World and how he wants the film to reach that level The Winter Soldier set to. Good luck!

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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