FALLOUT designer Todd Howard talks about the series’ insane attention to detail

Main videos’ Fall the series is damn awesome. Not only are the story and characters great, but the entire setting and production is incredible!

I love all the cool little details, and it turns out there are so many more details that you wouldn’t even notice unless someone who was on set to see them told you about them.

Director of Bethesda and Fall game designer Todd Howard visited the set and shares the incredible efforts the Fallout TV show went to to get props that audiences will never see.

While speaking with The GuardianHoward said, “I got to the set and thought there would be more movie magic, but they literally built a multi-level vault.”

He explained: “They were obsessed with everything. I went into the overseer’s office, sat down at the desk and there was a pile of papers, and someone had written a note – then I turned it over and there was a report on the power in the Vault. They even have a real jetpack in there!”

Star of the series Ella Purnellwho plays Lucy, also spoke about the level of detail in the series, saying, “The attention to detail was crazy.”

He added: “I really think it allows you to be better at your job because you react in real time. You’re able to improvise a little bit and collaborate with your director because you’re able to say, “Well, what if I did this?” because you have props all around you, every notebook is full. You can actually play. It’s a playground, right?”

Fall it is the story of “the haves and the have-nots” in a world where there is almost nothing left to have. 200 years after the apocalypse, the kind inhabitants of luxury fallout shelters are forced to return to the irradiated hellscape their ancestors left behind – and are shocked to discover an incredibly complex, gleefully strange and highly violent universe that Wait”.

Ella Purnell she plays Lucy, an optimistic Vault dweller with an all-American spirit. Her peaceful and idealistic nature is put to the test when she is forced to surface to save her father. Aaron Moten is Maximus, a young soldier who rises to the rank of squire in the militaristic faction called the Brotherhood of Steel. He will do anything to further the Brotherhood’s goals of restoring law and order to the wasteland.

The world of Fall it is “one in which the future imagined by Americans in the late 1940s explodes in on itself through nuclear war in 2077. Fall, the harshness of the wasteland contrasts with the previous generation’s utopian idea of ​​a better world through nuclear energy. It’s serious in tone, but sprinkled with moments of wry humor and B-movie nuclear fantasies.

The story of the series is set in future post-apocalyptic Los Angeles and will tell an original story based on the Fall games and this new story will be part of the games canon.

Walton Goggins plays the Ghoul, a morally ambiguous bounty hunter who carries within him 200 years of post-nuclear world history. These three meet when they chase an artifact from an enigmatic researcher that has the potential to radically change the power dynamic in this world.

The series comes from Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan AND Lisa Joy.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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