Watch Denis Villeneuve explain how he shot the sandworm he rode in DUNE: PART TWO

If you are a fan of Duna: second partI have a video for you to watch here that introduces the director Denis Villeneuve talking about how he shot the epic scene where Paul rides the sandworm in the film. This is easily one of the most hilarious moments in the film and the director put an incredible amount of time, care and detail into making sure the scene came out perfect.

Villeneuve breaks down all the cool details of the scene and also shares some additional interesting information that fans will appreciate. One thing he points out is that Paul initially misses his Uber and has to run after the sandworm because he did everything wrong. He also revealed how he managed to get the sand dune to fall just right during filming.

The video comes from Vanity Fair and there are many interesting details to learn! Enjoy!

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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