“Not such a big success”: Irina Bezrukova talked about the scandal with Nikita Kologriv

That’s exactly what the entire internet was doing today, discussing Nikita Kologrivy’s fight. Thereupon, Irina Bezrukova did not ignore the situation and decided to comment on the scandalous behavior of the actress.

The star admitted that he had not seen the video of the fight, but still spoke about whether Kologrivy could afford it. “It seems to me that it is too early (which means that popularity came to my mind early – Ed.). This is not such a grand, glorious achievement. It seems to me that we still have to wait with star fever,” the actor shared with journalists at the premiere of the series “Mutual Consent”.

Let us remind you that recently Nikita Kologrivy made a scandalous comment about the talent of his colleagues (his colleague Ivan Yankovsky also could not avoid criticism), and then Russian director Stas Ivanov refused to work with him. The actor’s wife stood by him, and later the actor himself responded to the criticism. It also happened that he completely left the Channel One studio after a quarrel with Alexander Gordon.

Source: People Talk

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