Check out the Overwatch 2 x Cowboy Bebop crossover event

Crossover events and TV/movie tie-ins with games are nothing new. However, there’s something special about the beloved anime Cowboy Bebop coming to the gaming world in this way. Starting March 12th through March 25th, Overwatch 2 will have 4 skins based on Cowboy Bebop characters available in the store. There will also be an additional skin obtainable by completing challenges during the event!

Each of the characters and their costumes are as close to the originals as possible and do a fantastic job of embodying the anime. Spike Cassidy, Faye Ashe, Ed Sombra, and Jet Mauga are the four skins people can purchase that resemble four main characters from Cowboy Bebop. There are also emotes, featured intros, and other goodies with every purchase. Players can purchase each individual skin pack for 2500 Overwatch Coins (roughly the equivalent of $25) or purchase the Cowboy Bebop Mega Bundle for 5600 Overwatch Coins ($56). While the cost of the individual bundles may not be the greatest value, the Mega Bundle is priced pretty well compared to other items in the store.

One of the best things about the skins are the many audio changes and glows that come with the skins. Whether it’s different voice lines, sound effects, or noises when choosing skins, there’s a lot to enjoy along with the skins themselves.

Along with these skins in the shop, there is a Hammond skin, the Ein Wrecking Ball skin which is just as cute as the original corgi from Cowboy Bebop. Players need to complete 12 event challenges to earn the skin along with some other goodies. Check out the event in-game or via the link here.

by Daniele Nero
Source: Geek Tyrant

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