How I stopped caring about my body hair and learned to love hairless cunnilingus

For a long time I was very concerned about my pubic hair towards the men I slept with. Until the day I realized that most of them didn’t care at all…

June 19, 2018

My sex life started quite late. More precisely at 9pm, which in itself is not that late, but let’s say I was the last of my group of friends to have sex.

Before I was 21, I just knew furtive rolling of shovels in teenage parties and a game of froti-frotta on the back of a Kangoo.

And having no sexual activity, I was afraid of my first time with a guy for many reasons, but only one really haunted me: What should I do with all this hair once I show myself naked? Yes, I’m talking my pussy hair.

The ones I chased away once summer arrived and during swimming lessons so they wouldn’t pop out of my swimsuit. Aside from these occasions, I didn’t bother removing my hair, it was too restrictive for my liking.

On every Tinder date, I waxed. I shaved every night.

The fear that my hair is a repellent

Why was I so afraid of showing my pubic hair to someone who would deflower me? Good question.

In my head, it was essential that I was ready at the slightest opportunity who would show up. The day I want to go to bed with a guy who will also be willing, I would be freshly shaved.

I was afraid that some boy would see my fleece and start shouting: “BERK!” YOU ARE UGLY ! I DO NOT WANT YOU. » Or worse, he explains to me in a contemptuous tone:

“You know, it’s better to shave, us men, it’s what we prefer. »

So, on every Tinder date, I shaved my hair. I shaved every night.

I varied the pleasures with mugs shaped like a subway ticket or a triangle. Sometimes there was blood and a lot of pain, especially during regrowth.

It was very nice and I was very relieved that he didn’t care about my pubic hair.


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The day they licked my hair

When I moved to another city to study, I discovered a completely new life. I was living alone for the first time, meeting many different people, including college friends of a longtime friend.

Taken by this new experience, one evening I decided not to wax while I was going to a party with my new friends. After all, I was there to have fun so as not to find someone for me.

The evening unfolds and, despite myself, I get on well with a young man who ends up asking me at 4 in the morning if he wants me to sleep at his place.

Couple making love in bed.

I accept and we end up in his bed riding our skates until the early hours of the morning. I feel good with him. We talked a lot, laughed a lot and then he kisses terribly well.

Our bodies are warming up and I can feel it his penis is very hard in his underwear. I’m only wearing a pair of panties and I feel like I too, I’m very excited.

He starts kissing my belly first ask me if he can take off my underwear. That’s when I think about my patch of pubic hair that hasn’t been checked in months. I stammer a few words to tell him: “Um, I think I’m at the end of my cycle, so maybe not the best idea.” »

He answers me like this He does not care. So I take a deep breath and confess everything to him:

Ok, so my pussy is not shaved at all. »

I remember him raising his eyebrows as if to say: ” That’s all ? “. “If you don’t prefer me to give you cunnilingus, you can tell me, you know,” he said to me with a half smile.

To which I reply: “No no, not at all, I really want it, I just wanted to warn you. For my hair. » With these words he lowers my panties and therefore I have the right to it at my first cunnilingus. He was very nice and I was very relieved that he didn’t mind my pubic hair.

If a guy rejects me because of hair removal, it’s not worth it.

My second hairy cunnilingus experience

This story reassured me a little, but I couldn’t help but believe I had come across an eccentric. I kept thinking that Most men don’t like bikini hair.

A year later, well established in my new life, I do it again. During a small evening with friends, I met a nice guy. I like him because he quotes Durkheim and wears shirts buttoned up to the chin.

I immediately do everything I can to seduce him and he accepts my invitation to spend the night in my apartment.

Nevertheless, I don’t necessarily want to make love to him, we continue to drink and why not, to exchange saliva. Once at my house, we chat and toast. After a few drinks and long stares, we finally kiss.

A part of my brain suddenly jumps out at me: “Girl, you have no hair on your pussy, legs or armpits. » Deep down I know If a guy rejects me because of hair removal, it’s not worth it.

But… I’m still a little stressed so I tell him point blank: ” Dude. I’m not shaved at all. »

He frowns and asks:

” – Are you upset?

– NO.

— So who cares! »

And he still kisses me. I shrug in my head and a great time for both of them ensues.

Great time! Excellent team work.

SPOILER: Pubic hair is nothing abnormal!

Why am I telling you all this? Because I spent a lot of energy fighting my body hair and fearing how others would look at my body. However, none of my partners screamed at the sight of my pubic hair.

But given these two experiences and a dose of self-confidence, I absolutely don’t care about my pubic hair, just like the hair on my legs and armpits.

I haven’t stopped shaving, but I really do it the way I want.

Every man I slept with afterward never made an inappropriate comment about my hairy pussy. I deduce that I choose polite people who respect my hair and my body. When I want to shave them, I do.

If I go to the beach for the weekend and I forgot my razor, too bad, I still take off my swimsuit to enjoy the warm sand. If theThe opportunity to sleep with a stranger presents itself and I haven’t shaved my hair in 4 months, I won’t deprive myself of it.

When I’m in a relationship, I won’t do waxing systematically the nights I sleep with the one of my heart. If even one of my partners has something to say about it, too bad for them.

Photo credits: Cliff Booth (Pexels) / Ron Lach (Pexels)

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