THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY The co-director talks about his scrapped plans for a sequel

There’s something about Mary was on the long list of 90s comedies created by Peter Farrelly AND Bobby Farrelly, better known as The Farrelly Brothers. The highest-grossing fan favorites included titles such as Dumb and dumber, PinAND Stuck on youas well as There’s something about Mary. She had a great cast, including Cameron Diaz, Ben StillerAND Matt Dillon, and followed the story of Ted (Stiller), a man who still harbors affection for his high school crush (Diaz), with whom he shared an excruciatingly awkward night. After hiring a private investigator (Dillon) to track her down in the pre-social media era, he must compete to win back her affection.

The movie was a one-shot story that ends happily, and I don’t think anyone ever thought too much about the possibility of getting a sequel, but it almost ended up happening.

In a recent interview with Peter Farrelly, the director told CB that the studio toyed with the idea of ​​a sequel after the first film:

“You know, Dumb and dumber it was the right one, as if I could make ten Dumb and dumberyes, honestly, and I really liked it Dumb and Dumber 2 – what we did. And I love those two guys, so… bring it back. Something About Mary, when it came out they talked about a sequel – the studio – and honestly we thought, ‘It’s over, that’s the point.'”

He added that they briefly toyed with the idea of There’s something else about Marywhich would reveal a shocking — and apparently unsafe for work — secret about the character’s past… but studio bosses weren’t into it, so the Farrelly brothers moved on.

I watched There’s something about Mary a few years ago, and it really hasn’t held up that well. There were some laughs, but many of the cutting jokes from 1998 are simply unacceptable now. I don’t think the movie needed a sequel, and I’m happy that the Farrelly brothers moved on and made more fun movies instead of looking for an easy paycheck.

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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