Oscar-winning short documentary The Last Repair Shop climaxes with thrilling credits – watch it here

Oscar-winning short documentary The Last Repair Shop climaxes with thrilling credits – watch it here
Oscar-winning short documentary The Last Repair Shop climaxes with thrilling credits – watch it here

EXCLUSIVE: The end credit sequences for documentaries usually consist of the standard roll with names, titles, tasks, etc., but also the end credit sequence The last repair shop – the Oscar-winning short film from Ben Proudfoot and Kris Bowers – is pure magic, a musical summation of everything the film is about. Deadline is exclusively releasing a video about the making of the series, which you can watch above.

The credits begin with young violinist Porché Brinker, who, like other children in the film, participates in music programs at the Los Angeles Unified School District. LAUSD is the only remaining large public school system that provides free instruments to young musicians. The last repair shop The title refers to an inconspicuous storage room in a corner of the city where a hard-working quartet of craftsmen keep the instruments in order: here they repair a leaking euphonium or there they tend to a broken violin peg. Whatever it takes to get an instrument back into the hands of a young artist.

Bowers, an Emmy winner, Grammy nominee and one of the most sought after composers in Hollywood (his credits include: Green book and two current films – The color purple And Origin) is an LAUSD graduate who studied piano on an instrument taught by Steve Bagmanyan, “the man who tuned the piano in my middle and elementary schools,” as Bowers wrote in a recent LA Times essay .

The personal stories of Bagmanyan and his colleagues Duane Michaels, Paty Moreno and Dana Atkinson are woven throughout The last repair shop, winner of the best short documentary category at the Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards. All four appear in the credits, along with up-and-coming artists like Porché, who benefit from the involvement of Bagmanyan, Michael, Moreno and Atkinson.

The filmmakers added a special orchestral performance for the end credits, featuring “everyone from Kris himself on the piano to Alan Kaplan playing brass. Jaw (John Williams is also an LAUSD alumni!) for high school students and so on,” Proudfoot said. “A room full of legends and future legends.”

“It was obviously a big shoot for a short documentary, and the reason we were able to do it is because almost all the work and even the stage itself was donated,” said Proudfoot, the Oscar-winning director of The queen of basketball (He and Bowers received a joint Oscar nomination for their 2021 short A concert is a conversation). “So it’s an expression of the extraordinary goodwill that people have for the repair shop, and that movement is growing and growing.” And I think it’s special that Kris has an annus mirabilis. Color Purple & Origin And then this project really shows who he wants to thank for his success.”

Bowers said: “This project has been one of the most rewarding of my career. It’s been the honor of a lifetime to pay tribute to the people who literally tuned the pianos I grew up on, and the incredible feedback we’re getting for the film is a testament to the love and gratitude that people have shown through the whole world feels. for these wonderful, unsung craftsmen. You deserve this spotlight!”

The last repair shop is a Breakwater Studios production, distributed by Searchlight Pictures and LA Times Studios. It’s part of the LA Times’ short documentary series available on the Times’ YouTube channel, “and will be available to all for free forever,” Proudfoot told Deadline. “We will also be on Disney+ and Hulu in January.”

Watch the credits above.

Source: Deadline

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