All Disney+ premieres on the last weekend of May

Todos los estrenos de Disney+ en el último fin de semana de mayoAll Disney+ premieres on the last weekend of May

All Disney+ premieres on the last weekend of May – Special (Disney)

In the last weekend of May, Disney+ has prepared the premiere of six new productions for its millions of users, titles that make it clear that this platform is one of the platforms that integrates more content on a monthly basis in its catalogue, productions that offer stories great fun and perfect for the marathon this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

One of Unmissable Disney+ previews on the last weekend of May are the new episodes of the successful series of National Geographic ‘A Small Light’, a title out of style of most of the productions offered by the mouse platform, since it is a drama based on real events that occurred in the Second World War.

Many people around the world know the story of Anne Frank and her family, as this is a group who managed to hide from Nazi Germany for several months until they were discovered and deported to concentration camps, and ‘A little light’ aptly tells the story of the resistance that helped the Frank family and many other Jews into hiding.

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Likewise, other productions have arrived on this occasion to the Disney+ service, as new episodes of “Secret In The Oceans” have also been released, a title that shows how various puzzles are explored through the technology that hides the bottom of the seas, a interesting and a very entertaining production for those who like adventure.

The original series of the streaming service of the mouse society could not be left behind this weekend as the second season of ‘Entrelacados’ arrived, an entertaining title with touches of drama, comedy and music, a series centered on a young woman who has a big dream, which now continues with new episodes.

‘Intertwined’ returns with more episodes on Disney+. Source: Disney+. Photographer: Special.

‘Braided’ is one of Featured Disney+ releases because it tells the story of Alegra, a girl who has the big dream of joining the famous musical theater company called Eleven O’clock, because she has the goal of becoming the protagonist of ‘Freaky Friday’, the show in which his grandmother recited years ago.

  • “Intertwined” (season 2)
  • “Neither from here, nor from China” (season 1)
  • “Chip and Dale: Life in the Park” (season 2)
  • “A Small Light” (Season 1 – Episodes 7 to 8)
  • “Secret in the Oceans” (season 5)
  • “Wild Life” (documentary)

These are all Disney+ previews during the last weekend of Maysix productions that promise a large dose of entertainment, so they are perfect to enjoy this Friday, Saturday and Sunday and, above all, these titles prepare the arrival of the many releases that this service has announced for the following month.

By Orlando Medina

Source: Nacion Flix

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