You can’t watch without tears: Antonio Banderas is terribly old (photo)

You can't watch without tears: Antonio Banderas is terribly old (photo)

There was nothing left of the macho.

Antonio Banderas was loved for his unique appearance. In his youth, the Spaniard got the role of hot handsome men in the cult films “The Mask of Zorro”, “Desperate”, “Interview with the Vampire”. Age has deprived the actor of beauty: now he has almost turned into a grandfather.

Banderas turns 63 this year. He continues to act in films, albeit without the same success. A few years ago, fans were concerned about the metamorphoses that were taking place with the idol: at one of the charity evenings, he showed up broken and dramatically aged. A little earlier he was seriously ill with covid, KP recalls. Apparently, the disease took away the last strength of the artist.

There is no way to fully recover from a Hollywood star. A month ago, he attended one of the social events in Madrid. The actor bent noticeably, looked emaciated. A network of wrinkles cut through the face, the beard turned completely gray. He still dyes his hair a dark shade, but silver hairs break through at the temples.

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Photo source: Legion Media

Writer: Anna Pavlova

Source: Popcorn News

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