SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE Filmmakers Discuss Scarlet Spider and Capture the Character’s Beauty

One of the more interesting variants of Spider-Man in which he will appear Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is Ben Barnes aka Scarlett Spider. This is a fan-favorite character from the 90s and the character grew out of the controversial “Clone Saga” storyline.

In the comics, Scarlet Spider is a clone of Peter Parker who takes the name Ben Reilly, inspired by the names of Peter’s uncles. During an interview with CB, Through the Spider-Verse co-directors Kemp Powers, Justin K ThompsonAND Joaquim Dos Santos he debated including the character while making sure to capture him perfectly.

Dos Santos said he followed “the letter of the law” to embrace that era of 90s comics, and Kemp added, “He represents an era in comics. That’s one of the key things about the character is that Ben Riley it was an era where super duper ripped characters were like (normal) and being in positions that weren’t physically possible… Muscles over muscles over muscles and being in positions that weren’t physically possible. I really wanted to capture that.” .

As of right now, we don’t know who provides the character’s voice, but the director Joaquim Dos Santos previously said, “I can’t wait for people to hear who voices him. It hasn’t been released yet, but I love our Scarlet Spider actor.”

When asked to offer a hint as to who the actor was, the director shared that it’s so secret that not even the cast know! He said: ‘Not even the actors know! They’re all sworn to secrecy and they’re recording themselves, so most of them are finding out with the audience who’s in the movie they’re making. Their reactions have been quite hilarious”.

As far as the Scarlet Spider story goes, The Clone Saga was a long-running narrative that spanned several Spider-Man titles throughout the 1990s. It revolved around the revelation that Peter Parker, the original Spider-Man, had been cloned by the evil Jackal, resulting in the introduction of a number of clone characters, including Ben Reilly, who became the Scarlet Spider.

Ben Reilly, created as the perfect clone of Peter Parker, has emerged as a key player in the clone saga. Initially, Ben assumed the Scarlet Spider identity to assist Peter, who was grappling with doubts about Ben’s true identity and grappling with the challenges of being Spider-Man. Ben’s arrival added a twist to the narrative as readers were left wondering who the real Spider-Man was.

As the storyline progressed, Ben developed a strong fan following and became a fan favorite character. He embodied a fresh and recognizable take on the Spider-Man mythos, offering a slightly different personality and approach to crime-fighting than Peter. Even Ben’s costume, with its blue hoodie and red leotard, sets him apart visually.

However, the Clone Saga storyline eventually became infamous for its convoluted and often contradictory plot developments. The arc became mired in numerous twists, turns, and character reveals, leading to reader confusion and dissatisfaction.

Marvel ultimately decided to end the clone saga and restore Peter Parker as the one true Spider-Man. This resulted in a controversial storyline that revealed Ben Reilly as the “real” Peter Parker, while Peter Parker readers had been following for years was, in fact, the clone.

The sequel follows Miles Morales as he is “immersed in the multiverse where he joins forces with Gwen Stacy and a new team of Spider-folk to take on a villain more powerful than anything they’ve ever encountered.”

After reuniting with Gwen Stacy, “the friendly Brooklyn neighborhood Spider-Man is catapulted across the Multiverse, where he meets a team of Spider-People charged with protecting his very existence. But when the heroes clash over how to handle a new threat, Miles finds himself pitted against the other Spiders and must redefine what it means to be a hero so he can save the people he loves most.

The film will be released on June 2, 2023!

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