A famous reality TV contestant enters “Love Island” (W9) drives viewers crazy

After Nicolo Ferrari embarks on an adventure, another famous candidate from reality TV enters the “Island of Love”. Surprised by this development, viewers had a lot of fun on the 6play Instagram page, which reposted the W9 show.

french version love island He already had a trial in 2020. It was Amazon who initiated and introduced Nabila into the presentation of this show, which is the platform’s great ambitions. This year W9 got to work and has been airing this new edition on its channel since April. Is it the field? “11 unnamed bachelors will live together for weeks in a magnificent villa to find love. New singles will step in to rearrange the game’s cards throughout the adventure. Thanks to the Love Island France app, viewers will act according to their destiny… They will be able to vote for their favorite couple, take tests and even they will be able to arrange appointments!”. when it comes to the new season Broken Hearts VillaIt was about anonymous candidates, and therefore Internet users considered the arrival of Nicolo, a famous reality TV candidate, and even the arrival of Bastos as a loss. “originality” M6 group program.

“It loses all its meaning and originality”

For this new edition love islandDelphine Wespiser was chosen to host this show, which was filmed in an idyllic setting in Spain. Former Miss France said she made a lot of sense about this new experience for herself. She insisted on repeating the concept of the show: “You know my double tenderness. For me, the most important thing in life is love”. After his breakup with Victoria Mehault, Nicolo agreed to participate in “Love Island”.back to market”by his own admission. “Looking at the Love Island, i fell in love with a girl. I am here to start my adventure on Love Island to conquer this young girl’s heart”, He pointed out Nicolo.

Yesterday, Wednesday, May 24, the 6play Instagram page posted a short video of Bastos announcing his entry into the game, and the young man certainly did not expect the many messages criticizing his arrival. Victoria Mehault’s ex also said yes: “I’m not stopping, anything can happen. When faced with this announcement, we were able to read many messages from Internet users who did not want to enter in the comment bar. love island. “No interest in bringing famous people”, “No point anymore!”, And “Why put celebrities when the whole point of this show is to see ‘normal’ people? It loses all meaning and authenticity”Can we read first? And others to add a layer: “It’s okay, I’ll stop watching”, “Little by little, all the already known personalities will come, it’s a pity … they will completely crush the others”, “Obviously, this is nonsense! The principle was to have anonymous people in the end …”or “Is this a joke? Please stop talking to celebrities, it’s really annoying that we have a show with people like us for once, besides bringing celebrities back, it’s going to kick people out of the cast and put a lot more of those who deserve it”. It’s been said!

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