Last season of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ will connect with the original series

Última temporada de 'Fear The Walking Dead' conectará con la serie originalLast season of

Last season of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ will connect with the original series (AMC)

As one of the many spin offs that came from the success AMMC series ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ will premiere episodes of its latest season in May 2023. The trailer for the latest season has been revealed and precisely connects to the original series.

The new trailer for ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ includes a walker’s head attached to a mechanical arm, something that has caught the attention of fans of the zombie saga. Also, these last few episodes will be focused on the story of morgan (Lennie James) e Madison (Kim Dickens), who returned in the last episode of season 7.

The same trailer that ties into ‘The Walking Dead’, the name of the first series, sees Morgan returning to Georgia to return home, where Duanne, his son, is no longer alive. That way towards the downfall of him, he mentions Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), the policeman who gave him a rifle, the same one with which he saved his life more than once and which was of great help in progressing the series.

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The ending of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ will feature a time jump

The spin-off series ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ will have a seven-year time jump in the future in its eighth and final season, co-showrunner Ian Goldberg announced during a panel at the wondercon.

This jump will show how the characters have navigated their new realities in FATHER. The trailer for the season places particular emphasis on Morgan, who, along with Madison, will try to save Mo even though he has lost much hope for a change in the world.

The season will be divided into two parts, the first of six episodes will premiere May 14 in the United States on AMC and May 15 on AMC Spain, while the second will be released later this year. For the Mexico region and Latin American countries, it arrives shortly after the Star+ service and months after the streaming of Netflixas is customary and known to all fans.

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