Best Movies: 5 romantic comedies you’ll fall in love with on Netflix

Las mejores películas: 5 Comedias románticas de las que te enamorarás en NetflixBest Movies: 5 romantic comedies you'll fall in love with on Netflix

Best Movies: 5 Romantic Comedies You’ll Love on Netflix – Special (Netflix)

One of the most consulted sections on Netflix is ​​that of romantic films, especially titles that have a dose of comedy in their stories, since this type of production is usually very entertaining, since the streaming giant has many of these films loaded good mood and positive stories.

The romantic comedies that subscribers can find on Netflix are perfect films to get away from the daily stress with which many users of this streaming service live, titles that will undoubtedly put you in a good mood by combining comedy and romance, so here we suggest five of these titles.

“Maybe Forever”

‘Maybe forever’ is one of romantic comedy movies that will make you fall in love on NetflixAs this ingenious and irreverent production is positive, it follows the story of a chef and a musician, who after 15 years of not seeing each other, feel the butterflies of love, however, it is difficult for them to unite their two lives, hence their relationship it’s a challenge

‘Romance in Verona’

With a spicy, yet very upbeat twist, ‘Romance in Verona’ is another of the romantic comedies not to be missed on Netflixan original production released in 2022 that follows a young woman named Julie, who goes on a dream trip to Italy, an adventure that turns 360 degrees when she discovers that the house she has rented to spend relaxing days is occupied by a stranger very attractive

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“How difficult is love!”

If you want a film that puts you in a good mood, you can’t help but watch ‘¡Que Duro Es El Amor!’, another of the The best romantic comedies Netflix offersa film that follows a writer who has decided to give herself a chance in love, so she enters a dating question and when she thinks she has found the perfect man, she decides to travel 4,000 kilometers to surprise him, but it all turns out to be a funny hoax .

“In your house or mine”

‘En Tu Casa o La Mía’ is one of the streaming giant’s most recent romantic and comedy films, a production starring actress Reese Witherspoon and actor Ashton Kutcher, who bring to life a couple of friends who, after lived in different cities for several years , they decide to take a break from their lives, which seems to make love resurface.

“My Two Lives”

Another of the romantic comedies not to be missed on Netflix is ​​”My Two Lives”, an entertaining original film that offers a fascinating, intimate and optimistic story, which follows a young woman who, at her graduation, is divided into two parallel realities after taking a pregnancy test.

By Orlando Medina

Source: Nacion Flix

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