Drama films based on controversial journalistic investigations

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Películas dramáticas basadas en investigaciones periodísticas controversialesDrama films based on controversial journalistic investigations

Drama films based on controversial journalistic investigations – Warner (courtesy)

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Tapes inspired by true stories would sometimes be nothing were it not that investigative journalists have taken it upon themselves to uncover scandals or stories that would otherwise be nearly impossible to access. In any case, these dramas based on journalistic investigations have served to talk and discuss their problems around the world.

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Articles from magazines, newspapers and investigative reports are what hundreds of journalists undertake every day to raise awareness of topics of common interest. And you are films based on those journalistic investigations They are the result, first and foremost on the part of their authors, of hundreds of hours spent getting people to talk about their discoveries that changed society.

bad education

There are hundreds drama films based on newspaper articles, but few like ‘Bad Education’, starring Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney, and based on Robert Koler’s 2004 text ‘The Bad Superintendent’. The story follows the investigation that led to the biggest embezzlement scandal for the public schools of the United States History of the states. Available on HBO Max and Claro.

The glittering ring

Sofia Coppola directs this film based on an article by Nancy Jo Sales, “The suspects wore Louboutins.” The plot follows a teenage girl, played by Emma Watson, who leads a group of celebrity-obsessed youths, who track down various celebrities to rob their residences, and get caught with jewellery, clothes and other luxuries. Available on HBOMax.

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Dallas Buyers Club

Jean Marc-Vallée relied on Bill Minutaglio’s 1992 article, which was taken to the Dallas Morning News, to tell his case. The story of “Dallas Buyers Club” is based on the detailed text of the journalist who spoke about drug trafficking for people with HIV, in which Matthew McConaughey, who plays a drug addict named Ron Woodroof. Available on YouTube.


Some of Ben Affleck’s most acclaimed works as a director and actor are in ‘Argo’, a film inspired by Tony Mendez’s 1999 memoir, and The Great Escape: How the CIA Used a Fake Sci-fi Flick to Rescue Americans to Theran”. The story follows a Hollywood producer who is looking for a location to shoot a sci-fi film and goes undercover to rescue six Americans.

Dog Day afternoon

Finally, Sydney Lumet’s masterpiece, ‘Dog Day Afternoon’, based on the article published in Life magazine, entitled ‘The Boys in the Bank’ by PF Kluge and Thomas Moore. The story follows a bank robbery perpetrated by two friends who were forced to take hostages and whose case made headlines all over the press.

By Jorge Ruiz

Source: Nacion Flix

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