New black comedy with the star of ‘Harry Potter’: the British laugh until they colic with ‘Fearless Flyers’

New black comedy with the star of 'Harry Potter': the British laugh until they colic with 'Fearless Flyers'

The image is great in every way.

A hard northern comedy full of black humor and well-known actors provides cooling on warm summer evenings. Icelandic directors used British money to make Fearless Flyers, and for now it’s generally unclear what Iceland has to do with the film.

What we have: a group of aerophobes – people with a terrible fear of flying – who are taking courses on how to accept their fear. To finally recover from this annoying phobia, the boys wait for a flight with an instructor, and halfway through the journey the plane begins to lose control.

After miraculously landing in snowy Iceland, a group of heroes, including Timothy Spall, who played Peter Pettigrew in Harry Potter, check into the nearest hotel until the terrible snowstorm subsides, but of course they won’t have peace there either.

Once the characters fall asleep, God knows what will happen in the hotel, which will provoke dozens of comic situations.

In addition to downright successful below-the-belt ‘black’ jokes, which probably won’t appeal to everyone, viewers will be treated to fantastically beautiful Icelandic flora and fauna, buried in the snow.

Well, for fans of films about the boy who lived, all the shortcomings of the film – in the form of weak special effects and a low budget – will certainly be covered by the brilliant Spall, who, as in “Potter”, plays a role played perpetually dissatisfied and very unpleasant grumbling man.

“I didn’t expect anything, but I will remember it for a long time”, “I laughed heartily, the film went unnoticed”, “Spall seems not to have changed in the past fifteen years”, they discuss “Fearless Flyers” on the Internet.

Photo source: Still from the movie “Fearless Flyers”

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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