“I experienced all the emotions”: Sati Casanova told how she learned about her long-awaited pregnancy

The other day it became known that Sati Casanova and her husband Stefano Tiozzo are preparing to become parents. The singer told how she learned about her pregnancy on a banned social network.

Sati Casanova. Photo: social networks

According to the artist, this happened before the trip. “I went through all kinds of emotions: shocked, elated, but also panicked,” she wrote in Stories.

The former lead singer of Star Factory admitted that he thought about canceling, but decided to go anyway after talking with his girlfriend: “I called my husband. “We both cried and rejoiced at this happiness.”

Sati Casanova. Photo: social networks

He added that he consulted a gynecologist before the flight and took his medication with him.

Let’s remember that Sati Casanova and Stefano Tiozzo got married in 2017. HELLO! In an interview with! The singer admitted that she never thought of connecting her life with a stranger. “I believed that such marriages were doomed due to different mentalities, perspectives on life and language barriers. “Of course I don’t know how it will all turn out for us and I don’t want to make any predictions, but there’s absolutely nothing stopping us right now,” she said.

Sati Casanova and Stefano Tiozzo. Photo: social networks

Source: People Talk

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