Good movies, but deplorable fathers: here are the worst fictional fathers

They are irresponsible, manipulative, self-centered… they are the fathers we love to hate in our favorite films and series. A quick overview on the occasion of Father’s Day.

1. Walter White (Breaking Bad)

Well, it’s a somewhat obligatory passage: the hero of the series breaking Bad is far from a perfect example of fatherhood.

Yet I already see some ready to grab my fashion jacket “but still this good Walter is joking, but he acts for the good of his family.” So yes, at first definitely, but gradually we are still sure a champion in terms of manipulation and lies. Not to mention that one would have to be in bad faith not to see that Walter White is enjoying life too much in Heisenberg, away from his wife and children. He himself will end up admitting it at the very end of the series.

2. Jack Torrance (The Shining)

There’s not much to say about Jack Torrance other than this chasing your child with an ax to kill him is obviously not an example of benevolent fatherhood.

3.Harry Verdebois (Matilda)

Why take care of your adorable baby, when you can plan dirty plans and watch silly shows on TV? In this adaptation of the famous children’s book by Roahl Dahl, Danny Devito directs the film and takes on the role of the horrible, stupid and evil Daron who tyrannizes poor Matilda. A delight.

4. Lester Burnham (American Beauty)

Played by Kevin Spacey (well before we learned of the harassment and assault allegations against him), Lester Burnham, the character at the center of the film American beautybrings with it a harsh criticism ofAmerican lifestyle where social and financial success is all that matters. But it’s you tooA creepy, annoying father who has a midlife crisis while fantasizing about his daughter’s best friend. Creeping.

5. Royal Tenenbaum (The Tenenbaum Family)

Simulates an incurable cancer hope to make things right with his children, that’s what this dear Royal Tenenbaum is capable of. To get back on his feet, but above all to have a roof over his head since the hotel where he is staying kicks him out. Imaginative, but also cunning, ready for all audacity and all lies, even to the detriment of his children, all depressed or traumatized, he would almost be nice if we weren’t deceived every time…

6. Thanos (Avengers)

It doesn’t matter how much you love an adopted child if you have one kidnappedyou slaughtered every last one of her people and you’re content to train her to be a cold and calculating assassin, it’s not the best we’ve done in terms of education, let’s be honest…

7. Darth Vader, (Star Wars)

In one of the biggest plot twists in cinematic history, Darth Vader was revealed to be Luke Skywalker’s father. His first act of fatherly love: he cut off his son’s hand.

And she ? With which another terrible father character would you complete the list?

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