3 series about maniacs worth watching before the ban

3 series about maniacs that you should watch before the ban

The deaths of some did not fit into the logic of the plot; the deaths of others simply would not have been understood by the public.

Russian officials are seriously discussing the introduction of restrictions on the issuance of distribution certificates for films and TV series that do not fit with “traditional values.” It is still unknown whether this will affect old or only new projects, but if you like series about maniacs but haven’t seen them all yet, it’s time to catch up.

In the vast majority of popular serial detective stories, killers usually get what they deserve: they die or at least go to prison. But there are three popular projects in the West in which everything ended very differently.

The star of Sharp Objects was definitely Amy Adams, who took on the unusual role of an alcoholic journalist recently released from a psychiatric hospital.

The girl returns to her hometown, where the inhabitants are murdered one by one, and tries in vain to find the maniac. The audience does not learn the truth about the criminal’s identity until the post-credits scene.

Dexter has a much clearer ending. The psychopathic criminal, according to fans, killed 138 people over the show’s eight seasons, but fair retribution in the original series never caught up to him. In the spin-off about the son of a maniac, the situation obviously takes a sadder turn, but we don’t take that into account.

The makers of ‘Hannibal’ – both the films and the TV series – never had the courage to turn the charismatic Dr. Lecter, because the fans simply wouldn’t understand it. And the psychologist himself, let’s face it, is too smart to die. Even at the end of the third season, after falling into the abyss, he still survived.

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Photo source: Still from the series “Sharp Objects”

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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