How was he released in the first place? 60 movie bloopers The Last Bogatyr: Messenger of Darkness

How was he released in the first place?  60 movie bloopers The Last Bogatyr: Messenger of Darkness

Even the fans are shocked.

The desire to catch up and overtake Hollywood has once again failed domestic creators who rely on impressive special effects and computer graphics. The collaboration with the Disney studio, which had long ago developed the sad formula: “The third movie is always the worst,” had no positive effect on the final script.

All this is evident from the numerous film bloopers, of which attentive viewers counted no fewer than 60:

The first two films of the “The Last Hero” franchise were not distinguished by perfect editing and painstaking work with props, but the last part amazed even the fans. From the first minutes, shortcomings and technical shortcomings were discovered: the fire did not burn wooden surfaces, after which a giant ant mysteriously disappeared from the frame, or Gorynych violated the laws of physics.

The audience was confused by the absolutely empty streets of Moscow, the stupid reference to “Terminator” and Philip Kirkorov in the image of the Firebird. The makers also missed the mark with the use of modern technology in the fairy-tale characters, the depiction of penetrating wounds and the effect of twins.

The plot itself raised many questions. For example, why did Ivan see only the Black Knight, if other characters paid attention to him, why did Galina need such a complex plan involving kidnappings, if returning her son could have been much easier, and why borrow an element – a time crystal – from the Marvel cinematic universe with such rich Slavic folklore

And while there were many complaints about ‘Messenger of Darkness’, this did not stop the final part of the trilogy from becoming the highest-grossing installment of the series.

Photo source: Walt Disney Studios

Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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