“When I fell asleep while using it”: A patient with a brain chip described his daily life

Elon Musk continues his experiments: The first patient with the Neuralink chip told how his daily life was. Business Insider reports this.

Elon Musk. Photo: Getty Images

According to Arbaugh, he currently uses it for basic things: sending messages on social networks, replying to emails, going to the website where he is learning Japanese. The man even booked a hotel room while visiting Neuralink headquarters.

“One day I fell asleep while using it, and while I was sleeping the cursor was moving and still clicking. I fell asleep for about five minutes and when I woke up I saw about 10 different applications open on the computer,” Arbaugh told the publication.

He admitted that literally not a single day goes by without the chip: “Sometimes my day starts at 7am and I use the implant until 11pm.”

Arbaugh, 30, was implanted with the chip earlier this year. The man has a difficult fate: Eight years ago, he was paralyzed from the shoulders down when he hit his head while diving into the water.

Arbo stated that his life now seems to have a second wind. “I feel like what I do every day will impact people forever from now on, and that’s enough to keep me in a constant state of mind,” he said.

Source: People Talk

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