children of dr. Phil McGraw: Everything you need to know about the talk show host’s 2 sons, Jordan and Jay

  • Dr. Phil McGraw is best known as a talk show host on his show. Dr. Phil.
  • He is the father of two children.
  • Dr Phil has been married to his wife Robin since 1976.
  • Phil is wrapping up his beloved talk show in Spring 2023 after 21 seasons.

Dr. Phil McGraw72, has been in the spotlight since her regular appearances The Oprah Winfrey Show in the 90s he hosted his own successful talk show, Dr. Phil, in 2002. While he is loved around the world as a television host, he is also loved as a father of two. The iconic doctor, who recently announced that he will be ending his series after 21 seasons, and his wife robin mcgraw are the proud parents of their children, jay mcgraw43, and jordan mcgraw36, and have kept the family together since their marriage in 1976.

Find out more about Jay and Jordan and their lives below.

jay mcgraw

jay mcgraw
Jay McGraw is Dr. Phil’s eldest son. (Jim Smeal/EIB/Shutterstock)

Jay is the eldest son of Phil and Robin. He was born in Texas in September 1979, three years after his parents’ marriage. Lui received an impressive education from Greenhill School and the University of Texas at Austin where he majored in psychology. He also received his Juris Doctor from Southern Methodist University.

After graduating, Jay became a television writer and producer and is currently the President and CEO of Stage 29 Productions, a company he and his father co-founded. Like his father, he has done some television work, including his work as a presenter renew my family, which aired on FOX. He is also executive producer of doctors.

Jay took on another project when he started RumorFix, an anti-tabloid website that analyzes rumors and checks whether or not they are true based on fact.

In his personal life, Jay got married playboy model heather damm in Beverly Hills, CA in 2006. The couple welcomed their first child, daughter avery elizabethin 2010. Her second child, son london phillipin 2011.

jordan mcgraw

jordan mcgraw
Jordan is Dr. Phil’s youngest son. (Jim Smeal/EIB/Shutterstock)

Jordan is the youngest child of Dr. Phil and Robin. He was born in Texas in October 1986. After graduating he got involved in music and is known as a songwriter. He worked with his father in Home visits with Dr. Phil and it worked too animal rescue programaccording to yours IMDB extension page. Jordan often shares the music he creates on his Instagram page, and his family always leave supportive comments.

Jordan married Morgan Stewart in 2020 and have since welcomed two children including Line give him in 2021 and gray olive grove in 2022. The proud father often shares adorable moments with his kids on social media.

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