"What will Kylian Mbappé do 50 years from now?" : There "joke" Sandrine Rousseau’s daring discussing retirement of athletes (VIDEO)

In the midst of a debate about pension reform before the National Assembly’s Committee on Social Affairs, EELV MP Sandrine Rousseau took Kylian Mbappé as an example when discussing the end of careers of top athletes…

The debate around pension reform is exciting. This Tuesday, January 31, marks a new day of mass mobilization of the trade unions. Second, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne called for demonstrations and strikes all over France to protest her government’s pension reform. At the same time, the National Assembly Social Affairs Committee is reviewing the text of this pension reform. Therefore, Sandrine Rousseau, who was on this commission, focused specifically on the specific situation of the regimen for top athletes. MP NUPES-EELV did not randomly select her example to celebrate the event: “I wonder: What will Kylian Mbappé do 50 years from now? What will she do? I don’t know if Emmanuel Macron was talking to Mbappé about his career as a senior?“The chosen one had the opportunity to address the behavior of Emmanuel Macron after the French team lost to Argentina in the World Cup final in Qatar.

And in this case yes, the career and aging of athletes is a real issue beyond joke. How can we reintegrate people whose bodies are sometimes damaged and injured due to intense sports practices? What are we going to do with these veteran athletes? This is a topic and needs to be in the directory.Sandrine Rousseau continues with the discussion of the senior index that the government wants to introduce to all companies with more than 300 employees from 2024 to measure the employment rate of the oldest people. While there was some booing, Fadila Khattab, deputy of the majority and head of the commission, laughed.


Source: Programme Television

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