How do I get rid of goosebumps on my body?

How do I get rid of goosebumps on my body?
How do I get rid of goosebumps on my body?

“Strawberry”, “goosebumps”, skin with goosebumps – all these are follicular keratosis. Most often it occurs on the thighs and buttocks and is accompanied by red, white or brown rough bumps. This type of skin requires more careful care. And only with proper care can it return to normal. We talked with dermatovenereologist, cosmetologist at Real Clinic Albina Bukhurova about how to care for skin with hyperkeratosis and whether this condition can be eliminated forever.

Albina Bukhurova

What is goosebumps?

The skin condition known as goosebumps, goosebumps and goosebumps is called follicular hyperkeratosis. This is a mechanical blockage of the canal in the area where the hair follicles are located.

The appearance of hyperkeratosis is due to disturbances in the process of exfoliation of the skin, as a result of which the mouths of the hair follicles become blocked. This causes inflammation and small red, white or brown spots appear on the skin. In the center of the tubercle, the tip of the hair is visible. The skin in the affected areas becomes dry and rough, covered with reddish nodules.

Most often, hyperkeratosis occurs on the shoulders, outer surface of the forearm, back of the thighs and buttocks.

Causes of hyperkeratosis

Some of the most common causes of this skin condition include:

– hypo- or vitamin deficiency;

– Deficiency of vitamins A and E;

– hormonal imbalance;

– dysfunction of the thyroid gland;

– taking hormonal drugs;

– insufficiently balanced diet;

– synthetic clothing.

As a rule, flare-ups occur in winter, when dry skin intensifies.

How to care for hyperkeratosis skin

There are several rules that will help maintain the skin in normal condition with hyperkeratosis.

Revitalizing body scrub Ahava, 3550 rub.
Revitalizing body scrub Ahava, 3,550 RUB.

Body scrub Organic Avocado, Ecolatier, 300 rub.
Body scrub Organic Avocado, Ecolatier, 300 rub.

Firstlyyou will need a gentle cleanser. Since hyperkeratosis occurs due to a violation of the exfoliation process, our task is to help the skin in this matter. To do this, it will be enough to regularly (once or twice a week) use peelings and shallow chemical peels (containing salicylic, lactic and azelaic acids). Such products will provide exfoliation of the stratum corneum and minimize skin roughness.

Intensive moisturizing cream with urea Aravia Professional, 350 rub.
Intensive moisturizing cream with urea Aravia Professional, 350 rub.

Foot cream with Urea Eden, 520 rub.
Foot cream with Urea Eden, 520 rub.

SecondlyIn parallel with exfoliation, the skin also needs moisture. To do this, use emollients (we have written in detail what these products are here) and moisturizers containing urea and ceramides. They should be used daily to soften the skin.

Is it possible to eliminate hyperkeratosis forever?

This is possible if you eliminate all the factors that trigger it and maintain deep skin moisture. When such conditions are created, there is a chance that hyperkeratosis will not reappear.

What cosmetic procedures will help get rid of hyperkeratosis?

In case of hyperkeratosis, the following cosmetic procedures may be recommended.

Close attention care. Nano nozzles in the device create a micro vacuum effect. Thanks to this, the therapeutic drug enters the dermis and epidermis under high pressure. Receptors react to a special solution, triggering skin renewal and regeneration.

BBL skin photorejuvenation. In simple terms, it is a skin treatment that uses high-intensity broadband light. It is often used to minimize pigmentation, post-acne, rosacea, rosacea and other aesthetic skin imperfections.

Cold laser peeling Micro LaserPeelThe procedure is aimed at removing the upper layers of the skin and smoothing the microrelief.

Laser rejuvenation using the Fotona device. This is a technology for effective skin rejuvenation. The laser system acts at different depths, allowing you to achieve the greatest effect in skin rejuvenation.

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