5 ways to lengthen your eyelashes

5 ways to lengthen your eyelashes
5 ways to lengthen your eyelashes

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You can make your eyelashes visually longer without even resorting to extensions and lamination. How? There are several ways.

Choose the right mascara

To have long eyelashes, it is important to choose the right mascara, or rather the brush. Its shape and thickness directly affect the result. For example, mascaras that promise to lengthen lashes often have a long cone-shaped brush or a brush with different levels of bristles. Therefore, it is useful to take a closer look at these options for lengthening and volume effects. By the way, in this instruction we told you which brush to choose for volumizing and separating eyelashes.

Use eyelash primer

Eyelash primer is a product used as a base for mascara. It generally has a creamy-powdered texture that thickens and lengthens the hair and increases the effect of mascara. Therefore, eyelashes become even longer and voluminous.

Use the right makeup technique

First of all, don’t neglect your curling iron. It will curl your eyelashes and make them visually longer. Secondly, to make your eyelashes look thicker, draw the growth lines with a dark brown eyeliner and blend well.

Add a bunch of false eyelashes

Bundles F-medium, Romanovamakeup, 700 rub.

False eyelashes are a must for evening make-up. We recommend using packages. By sticking it to the corner of the eye, the eye can be lengthened by creating the effect of voluminous and long eyelashes.

Start preparing in advance

Another option for those who are used to playing the long game is to start growing eyelashes in advance. To do this, you will need oils (burdock or castor oil) or special cosmetic serums for eyelash growth, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. Gently apply these to your growth line overnight and be patient. Gradually the eyelashes will become thicker and denser.

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