Greta Gerwig will be president of the Cannes jury, and is a three-time historian

Greta Gerwig will be president of the Cannes jury, and is a three-time historian
Greta Gerwig will be president of the Cannes jury, and is a three-time historian

Brilliant director, screenwriter and actress in both independent and big-budget cinema, Greta Gerwig will preside over the most prestigious juries of the Cannes Film Festival in May 2024. Beyond the more than deserved recognition for an important director in the history of contemporary cinema, this nomination marks a triple record.

We said it in our best films of the year: Barbie East Much more that a pure marketing product or a simple feel-good comedy among others and we do not hide our joy in learning about it the Cannes festival understood this. Feminist director with a unique perspective, Greta Gerwig was chosen to chair the official jury of the festival during the 77th editionAnd edition of the event, which will take place from From 14 to 25 May 2024.

Director, actress and screenwriter “representative of an era”

For Iris Knobloch, president of the Cannes Film Festival and Thierry Frémaux, general delegate, the decision to nominate Greta Gerwig is a question of ” proof “ so much the latter “courageously embodies the renewal of world cinema”.

Greta Gerwig

In the official Cannes press release, Greta Gerwig is described as’ »Hheroine of our modern times“ and how “the representative of an era that abolishes borders and mixes genres to make intelligence and humanism triumph. » The text thus pays homage to Gerwig’s eclecticism, who juggles between the roles of actress, screenwriter or director but also from one cinematic world to another, shining both in independent cinema and in cinema. success – Barbie it became the highest-grossing film worldwide in 2023.

By presiding over the Cannes jury, Greta Gerwig makes history three times

Appointed president of the Cannes jury at the age of 40, the director of Doctor March’s Daughters OR Lady Bird multiply records.

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As the press release cited above reminds us, Greta Gerwig is not just the very first first American directorbut also the younger personality to fill this position. Indeed, Cannes had not had a president this young since Sophia Loren in 1966, aged 31. But that’s not all: Greta Gerwig is too the second director (after Jane Campion in 2014) e the second American (named after the actress Olivia de Haviland, in 1965) to preside over the Jury.

Greta Gerwig expressed herself in the press release his vibrant love for cinema and his fascination with Cannes:

“I deeply love films. I like to make them, I like to go and see them, I like to talk about them for hours. As a film enthusiast, Cannes has always been for me the pinnacle of what the universal language of cinema can represent. Putting myself in a vulnerable state, sitting in a dark room full of strangers watching a new movie, is my favorite thing.. I am Inverted, enthusiastic and footprint of humility become president of the jury of the Cannes Film Festival.

After a beautiful 76th edition chaired by the Swede Ruben Östlund, the meeting From 14 to 25 May 2024 to find out which film will be the worthy successorAnatomy of a fall by Justine Triet.

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