"Is everyone feeling okay?"Halle Berry shocked to see The Call’s top hits on Netflix

Ten years after its production, the movie became a hit on the distribution platform. Something that will impress the player.

Halle Berry had an unexpected moment when she came home recently and lay quietly on her sofa. The 55-year-old actress was surprised to see that one of her movies is currently number one on Netflix. This is The Call, which aired in 2013 and directed by Brad Anderson. The main interested party reacted on its Twitter account on Thursday, April 14, and seems completely shocked by the news. “So “The Call” is now the #1 movie on Netflix almost 10 years after its release. Is everyone feeling okay?‘ he asked ironically.

Halle Berry plays Jordan Turner, an emergency call center operator, in this 1h30 feature film. Her daily life changes when a teenager who is kidnapped by a serial killer searches for her. The operator will have to face his own fears, linked to a tragedy from his past, in order to try to save the young woman. A race against time begins and any meeting with the young person may be the last.

It’s not the first movie of its kind to trend on Netflix. Last year, Guilty (2021) was also a huge hit on the platform by Antoine Fuqua, a carbon copy of the Danish production of the same name. Jake Gyllenhaal plays the role of the operator trying to save the life of a woman kidnapped by her husband. It takes intuition and ingenuity to make the right decisions and even help the mother, without gnawing at her old demons.

Both movies are currently available on the platform.

Thibaut Falconnat

Source: Programme Television

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