The Walking Dead: How did a scene from last season deliver? "I want to throw up" to Lauren Cohan

The star of the show hated to do a scene that also featured the show’s other headline, Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are now two headlines from the creators of The Walking Dead. The second episode of season 11 has just concluded, and while we wait for episode 3 in October, the two actors know they will be at the center of the plot of the spin-off Isle of the Dead.

SPOILERS! But meanwhile, in the season’s newly concluded episode 16, her two characters, Maggie and Negan, have grown even closer. It’s hard to imagine when you know that the second killed the husband of the first. But in this Episode 2 finale, Maggie seems to have made the murder of Glenn (Steven Yeun) a thing of the past. She still doesn’t forgive Negan for this gesture, but agrees to give him her trust, which has changed a lot in recent seasons. “You saved Hershel in Riverbend. Whatever happens now and whatever happened I will never forget‘, she told him.

But for Lauren Cohan, this scene was so difficult to interpret, she was so involved in her character. “I felt like throwing up while filming this drama.“, entrusted the 40-year-old actor to Entertainment Weekly, before describing it in detail:

Maggie has to go and can’t get Hershel. He entrusts it to this group. It was a very difficult but necessary decision at the time. A decision driven largely by his feelings for Annie [Medina Senghore]…and with Negan, when he was with Annie. I really hated filming this, and I guess it’s because Maggie hated to say it too. It’s just painful for him. It’s a moment to endure because he has to go to put an end to all this. She needs someone to take care of her child and right now Negan and the others are the best people for that.

As a reminder, The Walking Dead will follow on the OCS platform and the third episode of season 11 will air next October.

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